Seattle Children's Hospital Clinics

Every quarter, Seattle Children's Rehabilitation Medicine staff hosts a midday luncheon for families who have children with arthrogryposis. These luncheons coincide with the quarterly Arthrogryposis Clinic dates. They are a time to meet other families, share a meal together and learn from staff and one another.

  • For more information, contact the Rehabilitation Medicine nurse line at 206-987-2114, option 4

14th Annual AMC Convention

14th Annual AMCSI Conference will be held in Norfolk, Virginia, July 3rd–6th, 2019

Arthrogryposis book available in PDF format

From: Global HELP
Arthrogyrposis: A Text Atlas, by Lynn Staheli, Judith G. Hall, Kenneth M. Jaffe, and Diane O. Paholke
Originally published by Cambridge University Press, 1998.
Available exclusively in PDF format

Last updated 2.24.2019